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pedro rebelo polaroid photos sx-70 view from my office window

Polaroid photos. Does materiality matters? 

I had this idea. Let’s see if I can get any of you, Polaroiders, on board.

It is true that we do love the objectness of our Polaroid photographs. That’s one of the reasons (for many, the reason) why we take Polaroid photos. However, it is also true that we feel the need to digitize them so that we can share our pleasure with others over the Internet, on blogs, Flickr, Facebook, etc…

Well, I think that there is something wrong in this process or at least, something that could go another way. If we do enjoy the materiality of the Polaroid photographs, why not share them in all their glory?

Let’s share some Polaroid photos all over the world.

So, what I propose is: Send me one of your Polaroid photos, by mail, old mail, snail mail as some of us used to say in the good old days, and in return, I’ll send you one of my Polaroids. I will also digitize and publish your Polaroid photos here at Impossible Polaroids, if you authorize me on that of course, but better than that, I’ll have the pleasure of having a real Polaroid photo taken by someone else, shared with the sole purpose of sharing. And so will you.

So, if you like the idea, please leave a comment in this post and I’ll get back to you by e-mail sending the postal address to where you should mail your Polaroid photos.

The photo was taken with a Polaroid SX-70 Sonar SE using  The Impossible Project Color Film for SX-70.

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17 Responses

  1. I have been practicing that for several years personnaly, here in France, with friends at
    So yes I’m ok to be part art of it

  2. It is something I have been doing for several years through the french community of
    So yes I’m ok to be part of it !

  3. Hi you all. This is just great. Not only I see people willing to participate but I’m also discovering new projects. Just pay attention to your inbox. You’ll receive news from soon.

  4. I am definitely interested in this. Used to help manage a group on Flickr that had a similar idea to this.

  5. i have been participating in a flickr group with the same idea, loved the project. the group no longer exists, so i’m happy to be part of this – count me in 🙂

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