Polaroid t-shirts with a Polaroid Spectra

Polaroid t-shirts with a Polaroid Spectr

In my actual job I wear a suit, a shirt and a tie every day. Not complaining. Believe me. I’m not forced to, it is not a uniform. However, the position and the place requires, or at least asks for, some good sense on the way you dress so … A suit, a shirt and a tie.

But, as everyone that knows Portugal is aware, in the summer, when it gets to the weekend, even the most classic and grey corporate bureaucrat, looks for some t-shirts in the closet. Not being a classic and grey corporate bureaucrat, so do I.

And if there are t-shirts that you keep on wearing after 10 years (and some others that, even not wearing them, you religiously keep on the drawer as a souvenir of those good old days) others you must replace, buy some new.

That’s what’s happened this weekend when I decided to get some new t-shirts for the summer. Well, no Blade Runner, no Clockwork Orange, no Bugs Bunny, but some Polaroid T-Shirts. Not one, not two or three, but four of them.

I took this photo  with a Polaroid Spectra/Image Elite using using The Impossible Project Color Film For Image / Spectra.

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