Blue afternoons with a Polaroid SX-70

Polaroid SX-70 on Blue Afternoons

Blue is more than blue… Everybody knows that. Blue is a wonderful color… For me it is sublime. And on my understanding of sublime, it is marvellous and tenebrous at the same time. Blue is… Blue.

The blue in the morning that rises, is that light blue that promises a beautiful day. The blue in the night that falls, is that dark blue that involves everything inside and around, doubting if there ever will exist another dawning.

This particular blue afternoon… Well, it was one of those moments when the whole world stopped while she was standing there, enjoying what she already had, dreaming with everything that she will have in the future…

Next step, a bite.

The photo was taken with a Polaroid SX-70 Sonar SE using  The Impossible Project Color Film for SX-70.

“More than a job” with a Polaroid SX-70

"More than a job" SAPO with a Polaroid 636

Sometimes, you make some decisions in your life without thinking to much, just because you have a feeling that that decision is the right one.

Last summer I was invited to take up a new professional challenge which, in my particular case, it is also a new personal challenge because what I do professionally, is impossible to disassociate from my personal life.

Still, I didn’t thought twice and said “Yes, let’s do it” and immediately jumped to this pond and joined a bunch of frogs as the new batrachian on the neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, some of the frogs jumped out, it’s true, but at the same time, some new lilies on the pond blossomed and life goes on…

Tomorrow? Well, no one knows how will it be, if the world will end, if a new clade of batrachians will be discovered…

For me, one thing is for sure: sometimes, I make some decisions in life that seem as if I do not think about them.  It just seem.

I took this photo with my Polaroid 636 One Step Close Up and The Impossible Project Color Film for SX-70.