Just Dahlias with a Polaroid SX-70

Pedro Rebelo Dahlias with a Polaroid SX70

Sorry, I’m not in the mood for big words. It is Friday and at the moment I’m just thinking about going home, take off the shoes, lay down on the sofa and pretend to watch any television show until I let myself falling in to sleep.

But I just know that it will not happen…

The photograph was taken with a Polaroid SX-70 Sonar SE using  The Impossible Project Color Film for SX-70.

Web of Knowledge with a Polaroid Sx-70

Pedro Rebelo Web of Knowledge  with a Polaroid SX70

After many years away from college, I returned some time ago to academic life, to study again, on a regular basis, with a goal in mind.

While taking a degree in Communication Sciences, with focus in culture and arts, I fell in love with this college and I learned to understand the spaces and times that comprise it, that make it unique and in its own way, rare, exquisite and extraordinary.

I know that many people don’t think the same way. Old structures and classrooms but not old enough to have the charm of history. A vintage look, without the patina that would make it shine… Even so, the place I should call my Alma Mater.

This photograph was taken from the 7th floor of Tower B at Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa. with a Polaroid SX-70 Sonar SE using  The Impossible Project Color Film for SX-70

Tagus River with a Polaroid Spectra SE

Pedro Rebelo Polaroid Spectra Tagus River

Lisbon is a city with a unique light. The Tagus river is, obviously, one of the main factors contributing to this light. The city extends itself along Tagus northern shore, leaving on the other side, the south bank, the left bank, our own Rive Gauche.

In some ways, like in the other famous Rive Gauche, there were times when that left shore was home of a certain sense of bohemianism, counterculture and creativity, with a very politically active population and always on the mood for something different…

When younger, I’ve spent many hours on the ferry boats that cross the river, just looking at it, reading, listening to music, drawing… One day, I’ve decided that my life would change, that everything would be different and moved on to the right bank… I’ve been here since that day and every time I get to the shore, every time I look to the other side, there is something telling me that I’ve made the right choice on the right moment.

I took this photo on a sunny and very hot afternoon with a Polaroid Spectra SE using using The Impossible Project Color Film For Image / Spectra.

Sunburn Roses with a Polaroid Spectra

Pedro Rebelo Sunburn Roses Polaroid Spectra

It was so damn hot. But we had a compromise and had to honor it. My father asked us to go with him to a veterans event, an annual gathering of those who survived in his battalion, during the Portuguese colonial war.

The venue was a ranch in the west, and the meeting was scheduled for lunch time. There was this blazing sun and we hardly could stand under it but even so, I’ve decided to stop for two minutes near those roses, imagining what would be the effect of that extreme heat on the Impossible film.

Done. The shutter was heard in that empty space, the picture came out. Sunburn Roses.

The photo was taken with a Polaroid Image / Spectra Elite using The Impossible Project Color Film For Image/Spectra.