Red Rose with a Polaroid SX-70

Pedro Rebelo Red Rose with a Polaroid SX-70

Someone told me that the true beauty of this photograph was in the absence of people… Maybe.

Walter Benjamin said that this absence was the end of photographic aura. I do not agree. And you? What do you think?

This photograph was taken with a Polaroid SX-70 Sonar SE using  The Impossible Project Color Film for SX-70 on a very, very hot day, near Fátima, Portugal.

Pop Culture Class with a Polaroid Image / Spectra Elite

Pedro Rebelo Pop Culture Class with a Polaroid Spectra

I am currently taking a master’s degree in Communication Sciences, with a specialisation in Contemporary Cultures and New Technologies, and one of the classes I have is Pop Culture. For that class I’ve presented last month a paper about Polaroid as a cultural object and its cultural value.

I had also to present the work publicly and that night, I took a camera into the class room so that the people present could take pictures with it and feel the difference between that photographic object that was in their hands and the digital images that they are used to… It worked like a charm and I ended up with 17 (in a scale of 1 to 20).

I took this photo that night, with aPolaroid Image / Spectra Elite, using The Impossible Project Color Film For Image / Spectra.

Charles and Ray Eames for Polaroid

In 1972, the Polaroid Corporation commissioned famous designers duo, Charles and Ray Eames, to produce a film introducing the new SX-70 instant-photography camera, invented by Edwin Land.

The film not only demonstrates the potential uses for the camera but also shows how it operates. It was first presented to Polaroid stockholders and later used as a Polaroid ad.

This film was the first of four films made by Charles and Ray Eames for Polaroid. This one won a Bronze Plaque at the Columbus International Film Festival in 1975. And you can see why.

5th Academy with a Polaroid Image / Spectra

Pedro Rebelo Social Media Training with a Polaroid Image / Spectra

My life has been around Digital Culture and Social Media for a long time now… My blog, is getting to the 15th anniversary, but that is just one of the examples that I can give you to justify the above statement… I can give you many more.

One of those facts, that intimately connect my life and the digital, is one of the things I do for a living: I’m a Digital Culture and Social Media trainer. And believe me, that is one of the thing I enjoy the most. To be with people that really wants to know more about the Internet, the Web, the new ways of communicating.

To teach, and also to learn, with each and every one of the trainees, to spread the idea that, after all, it is all about people, relations and emotions…

In this group there are some of the trainees from the FLAG 5th Digital Marketing Academy. More than trainees, they are now friends.

The photo was taken after a Blogging with WordPress class with a Polaroid Image / Spectra Elite using The Impossible Project Color Film For Image / Spectra.