“No one lives” with a 670AF Supercolor

Pedro Rebelo Polaroid 670AF Supercolor and TIP film 2nd Generation

This photograph was shot with a Polaroid 670AF Supercolor using The Impossible Project B&W film for 600 2.0 (2nd generation), passing by the empty streets of Marinha Grande cemetery, the same place where i’ve shot Stone Angel.

Regarding the camera, one note. It seems that cameras Polaroid 670AF Supercolor are not so common as other Polaroid 600 cameras from the same period, even among those with Autofocus like the 660. Now, it is not a gorgeous camera or should I say that, looking at the ones that I have, it is the ugliest one, with those extreme squared corners and extra rigid lines but, even so, it takes good photos.

Once again, regarding the The Impossible Project B&W film for 600 2.0 (2nd generation), I’ve got mixed feelings. Maybe because I was not using it the right way (I admit that I rarely use the exposure adjustment feature on the cameras) or maybe I’m just not yet used, to those strong and dark blacks and those so pale greys that almost don’t exist. But I’ll give it another chance one of these days…

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