Intervention with a Polaroid Image / Spectra

Pedro Rebelo Intervention with a Spectra / Image

Well, but my life is not only about empty spaces and lonely gardens. And my Polaroids also capture those other moments, where life abounds, around friends and family…

One of those days was just last week when a group of good friends decided that it was time to change my life, to give an end to a dark shadow that has been hovering over me for a long time now… Good friends do those things. All arranged for a meeting in a public space, away from closed rooms, away from light furniture. The time had come, time for an intervention.

And that was it. They’ve decided to offer me a bike, a All Terrain Bike, so that I cannot have more excuses for not to learn how to ride a bike.

Bruno created the hashtag #pedrotempedais, Andreia brought the bike (named as Solitary), Luis and Marina came for the moral help, Artur because he is Artur and there is no need for any other reason and Patrícia because she believes that her father one day will learn how to ride a bike.

The first step is taken. I’ve got a ATB on my patio… Now, waiting for the courage for the next step.

The photography was shot with a Polaroid Image / Spectra Elite using The Impossible Project Color Film For Image / Spectra.

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