Impossible Polaroids in English

Pedro Rebelo, photo taken with a Polaroid Spectra and some original Polaroid Paper by Basilio Vieira

And that’s it. I’ve decided to start writing Impossible Polaroids in English. Why? Because after some weeks online I saw that there is no search for Polaroid subjects in Portuguese or at least, there is no relevant search for it.

Also, the few Portuguese visitors interested on Polaroids and instant photography, those that I personally know and those that I find talking about Polaroids on the Internet, all seem to get along with english language so that would not be a problem at all.

And let’s be honest, I don’t have much to say about each one of these photographs (if I had, my lousy english would be for sure, not enough for it) even having a lot to say about Polaroid, Instant Photography and images in general, but I’ll try to write about those subjects on my other web presence, my personal website at .

So please, take it easy on me and focus on the photographs not on my orthography or my grammar errors. Of course that whenever you spot one of them, I’ll be more than thankful if you could point it out, warn me about it, so that I can correct it and learn ok?

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