Garden Bench 06 with a Image / Spectra Elite

Pedro Rebelo Garden Bench 6 with a Polaroid Image / Spectra

Once again, another of for my Garden Bench Polaroid Project. This one was shot with a Polaroid Image / Spectra Elite using The Impossible Project color film for Image/Spectra while going down Avenida da Liberdade, one of the main avenues in Lisbon.

I keep on thinking about the Polaroid Image / Spectra format. Although enjoying the image quality of this film (just like a SX-70, with 640 ISO) I really don’t feel that comfortable with the slightly larger format… If showed alone, all by themselves, the Image / Spectra images seem to carry the same Polaroid aura but, when together with the normal size ones, it just feels… Strange.

Even so, I do adore my Image / Spectra and I’m already thinking about some specific projects to go on with it.

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